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Parents, clubs, consultants – and in particular „Young Talents” themselves – spend a huge amount of time and money to realize their dream of becoming a professional athlete.
The „Young Talents” are focusing on their sports career while others of the same age are concentrating on school, study or vocational education. An accident or a serious sports injury may suddenly ruin these ambitions.

In this situation we don’t leave the „Young Talent” in the cold.

Our cover provides generous support in helping the „Young Talent” catch up with missed education or vocational training. With this support the „Young Talent” can for example attend an upper secondary school, start an education, study, or maybe even set up his own company.

We will provide the necessary financial resources for 3 years.

Our team is at your disposal for further information about this outstanding coverage. Of course, we also offer highly attractive insurances for “former talents” who are already professional athletes.