You can read more about the different prize indemnity insurances and options under the individual products: Conditional Rebate, Competitions, Prize Bonus and Over Redemption. These are just examples of prize indemnity insurance. balticfinance gives individual advice and thanks to our network to Lloyd’s of London and other international insurance companies we are able to develop tailored insurance concepts and special solutions for your risk in connection with a marketing campaign. No idea is uninsurable or too “crazy”.


Conditional Rebate insurance

This type of Prize Indemnity insurance covers the refund of the purchase price if a specific event occurs. For almost any event you can develop a suitable scenario related to e.g. sports results or weather conditions on certain days. With the Conditional Rebate insurance you can develop very attractive sales promotions that stand out from conventional rebate campaigns and create unique selling points. The insurance company indemnifies the organiser of the promotion against the costs that are incurred if the insured event takes place. Examples of such sales promotions could be “We will refund the purchase price if Germany becomes world champion” or “Money back if it snows at Easter”.

Competition insurance

The competition insurance is a marketing tool for the organiser (= company) to insure attractive promotions. The organiser takes the risk that he will suffer a financial loss if a participant wins an awarded prize. This risk can be covered with a competition insurance. This insurance allows the organiser to award higher and more attractive prizes or rebates because he is reimbursed by the insurance company if a prize is won. Examples of promotions: Competitions in the halftime show during a sport event, goal-shooting, basket-shooting, discount campaigns, crack a code on a safe, “Hole in One”, lucky wheel, weather forecast, games of skill etc.

Prize Bonus insurance

Within professional sports, clubs and sponsors often negotiate flexible prizes and bonuses. If the sports club is successful it receives a prize which is specified in the agreement. In most cases it is worthwhile to make a timely risk assessment. If, for instance, the club is ranked number 1, it is not possible to insure against the championship. balticfinance is your competent partner and can make you an offer for the agreed prizes and bonuses. We recommend you to contact us well in advance so we have enough time to estimate the probability and the conditions.

Over Redemption insurance

The Over Redemption insurance covers the risk of running a promotion with the purpose of obtaining customer loyalty and increasing sales. Promotional campaigns of this kind often include “coupon promotions” or “collect-points” promotions etc. It is very difficult to assess in advance the progress and the customer response of a campaign and there is a risk that redemption costs exceed the expectations. The Over Redemption insurance covers the financial risk of such promotions.